Tips For Decorating With Tuscan Flair

Ever since the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" became popular, people who've never even visited the region have been dreaming of the warm hues and time-worn furniture typical of the Italian countryside. While Tuscany is, indeed, a part of Italy, aspects of the décor style are unique to the region. Add Tuscan flair to your room décor.

Start with an Earthy Palette

Attractive design starts with cohesive elements, in this case a color scheme. The Tuscan color palette is inspired by the countryside, so earth tones are best. Better Homes and Gardens suggests choosing colors such as rusty red, coppery yellow, olive green, and terra cotta. Indeed, consider looking at pictures of the Tuscan countryside for inspiration. From there, choose one of the colors as your base for big areas, such as walls and large furniture. Use the other colors for accenting, say for throw pillows, frames or lamps.

Look for Aged Pieces

Tuscan homes have often stood for generations. That means the stone and wood used to construct them features a charming time-worn appearance. What's more, families often pass down large furniture pieces. So, when you're choosing furniture and even other home décor items, consider items that look aged. Wooden pieces with a distressed finish work well. Likewise, look for area rugs with tapestry-inspired motifs – especially those with bucolic scenes.

Opt for a Naturalistic Theme

Speaking of nature, whether you live in the city or your own countryside, your décor should have a little bit of country charm. You want to create a sense of the pastoral inside your rooms. That starts with the color palette and continues with the bucolic-scene on your area rug. However, you could choose a few other art pieces with scenes from the Italian countryside, especially Tuscany. For the kitchen especially, consider choosing a grapevine or olive pattern for textiles.

Add Timeless Accent Pieces

Since people living in the Italian countryside pass items down through the generations, the pieces were built to last. Besides furniture items, this includes accent pieces. Wrought iron is common in the Tuscan countryside. You could choose wrought iron for finishings, such as hinges and door handles, or you could hang wrought iron artwork on the wall. It's a good material for lamps as well. For the kitchen, copper infuses a sense of warmth while still offering that timeworn quality. Additionally, add painted tile and ceramic for a little vibrant color to your rooms. Keep with Tuscan-inspired patterns for the painted items.

Transform your home's interior into a little slice of Tuscany when you buy home décor products.