Need A New Office Desk? 3 Things To Consider

It is important to be organized and productive at work. However, without a quality work desk, this can be hard to do. So, here are three things to keep in mind as you search for a new office desk:

1. How Will You Use Your Desk?

One of the first things that you need to consider how you are going to be using your desk. This will help you decide the shape of desk that you need to buy and how large of a desk that you need. First, you need to ask yourself if you will be spending the majority of your time on the computer. Second, you should ask yourself if you will need to have a phone on your desk. Third, you need to ask yourself if you need to have easy access to files and/or folders. If your answer was yes to most or all of those question, then you will need plenty of workspace.

When it comes to office desks, there are three main shapes of desks: rectangular, L-shaped (aka corner), and U-shaped. A rectangular desk can usually fit in most rooms, depending on the exact size of the desk, and is the most standard desk shape. However, these provide the least amount of desktop workspace. The U-shaped desk generally provides the most amount of workspace and storage. However, if your workspace is in the corner, then a corner/L-shaped desk is the best-suited option, providing plenty of workspace and storage solutions.

2. The Space Underneath Your Desk.

As you search for an office desk, it is important that you consider the height of the desk. You need to make sure that you don't choose a desk that it is too tall or too short for your height so that you can sit comfortably. In order to do this, you should sit in your chair with your feet touching the floor and measure from the top of your legs (thighs) to the floor. This number is the amount of space that you need underneath your desk. 

3. Your Comfort and Overall Health.

Some desks come with attached hutches for appearance and storage. Unfortunately, these can often get in the way of the placement of the monitor, which can impact your overall comfort and health. As a general rule, your monitor needs to be roughly eye level to minimize eye and neck strain. If this cannot be done with your desk, it may be a good idea to start looking at a different desk that does not have a hutch and consider purchasing a filing cabinet for additional storage. Your health and comfort should be your priorities.

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