Bubble, Bubble: 3 Luxury Bathtime Essentials

Some days, all you want to do once you get home is to sit down and relax — but a long day can often make you feel a little grimy, so into the shower you go. Though most Americans take showers rather than baths (due to time efficiency), it can be really nice to relax at the end of a long day and get clean at the same time, and baths are the way to do this. If you want to make your baths feel extra special (and extra luxurious) during your relaxation time, here's a few essentials to truly bring your relaxation baths to the next level.

Epsom Salt

Good for everything from rough heels to ingrown toenails, Epsom salt should be a bath time staple for its amazing detoxifying properties. Not only does Epsom salt soften your skin, but it also helps to reduce any inflammation you might have (say, after walking around in uncomfortable dress shoes all day for work), flushes toxins out of your system, and soothes tired and stressed muscles — all of which are great for relaxing after a long, hard day. If you're looking to get a little bit of aromatherapy in along with these benefits, try scented Epsom salts — lavender is a great one for helping you catch some z's after you towel off.

Bath Bombs

These colorful, fizzing consumables have been around for a few decades, but their popularity really took off in the mid 2010s and shows no sign of stopping — and for good reason! Bath bombs can add color, fizz, and scent to an otherwise boring bath, helping to soothe and moisturize your skin while you soak. If you want to feel especially luxurious, there are even bath bombs that have glitter in them, giving your skin a shimmer even after you pull the plug. You can purchase bath bombs from stores that sell bath and body care products or even make your own using this very simple recipe.

Scrub Gloves

Unlike the other two products, these gloves don't dissolve in water — but they're essential for getting rid of dead skin. Scrub gloves are texturized gloves you can wear in the bath; you use them to scrub down your arms, legs, chest, tummy, back, and even feet in order to rid the area of the dead skin that can cling to your skin long after it should be off. Not only do these gloves exfoliate, but they also improve your circulation — and feel like a good massage when you use them — which means that your next bath will leave you with fresh, newly soft, and glowing skin.