Four Modern Ideas For A Bedroom Makeover

You don't have to completely remodel your bedroom to give it a brand new look. With the right contemporary furniture, you can create a stunning modern look in your bedroom. Here are just a few options to consider as you look for new furnishings.

Platform Beds

Platform beds sit a bit lower to the ground than many traditional models, and they offer a sleek, modern appearance. Because they don't typically require box springs, they allow your mattress to blend in with the frame of the bed for a seamless look. You can find simple designs in black or dark brown, or you can go for a bright look with a crisp white bed. Some even have LED lighting to bring a futuristic look to your bedroom.

Wall-Mounted Nightstands

Wall-mounted nightstands are an ideal option for use in a smaller bedroom with limited space. They can be installed so your alarm clock and lamps are within arm's reach when you wake up, and the unique design creates the illusion of your nightstands floating on your walls. These designs are typically smaller to make them functional, but they offer ample room for your bedtime essentials, such as books or magazines. You can even find wall-mounted headboards with built-in nightstands for a grand, sleek look.

Focal Wall Art

One way to make your bedroom instantly look more modern is to choose a focal wall you can dedicate to one large piece of art. An oversized painting or wall hanging can create a new, chic look in the room, and it can tie together all of your other design elements. Look for a canvas print in bold colors, or go for a modern metal wall hanging that offers the look of a sculpture on your wall. If you don't have an empty wall you can dedicate to this, consider using a large piece of art over your bed instead of choosing a headboard. The art becomes an extension of your bed, creating a unique finishing touch for the room.

Modern Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges come in a variety of modern designs, from tufted white leather to boldly colored velvet accented with chrome hardware. One of these furnishings creates a cozy place for you to curl up with a book or contemplate what you will wear to work each day, and they can add a luxurious look to your room. Consider placing a modern chaise lounge in front of your bedroom window or at the foot of your bed for a bold touch.

Visit your local furniture store for inspiration, and use these ideas to create a stunning look in your bedroom.