The Perks Of Composite Decking

Adding a patio to your home can make your exterior much more enjoyable, while also adding value to your property. Most people, when adding a deck or patio to their home don't want to install a product that will need a ton of maintenance and upkeep over the years. This is why so many people are now installing composite decks instead of real wood decks. This article explains the perks of composite decking:

What Does Composite Look Like?

Composite decks are very similar in style to real wood decks. The actual composite pieces come in a variety of colors and they usually have a fake wood texture. The texture is pretty convincing, but when you're actually walking on the deck and looking at it up close, you will definitely be able to tell that it is not real wood. However, it creates a convincing wood look when viewed from the curb.

Characteristics of Composite Decking

Composite decks are made out wood shavings that are glued together and laminated. This creates a product that has a similar consistency and flexibility of real wood. The lamination creates a waterproof finish that is very important when it comes to the durability of your decking. This finish is permanent, and you never need to worry about staining or painting it. In fact, the one drawback to composite decking is the fact that it cannot be refinished. That is, the color that you install is basically the color you are stuck with. Real wood decking, on the other hand, is very easy to refinish if you want to change the color and style of your patio.

The installation of composite decking is essentially exactly the same as the installation of real wood. That is, you use similar screws and fasteners to secure the pieces. The planks also weigh about the same as real wood, so the transportation and handling of the products are essentially the same.

In the end, most people choose to invest in composite decking because they want a patio that is stylish and easy to maintain. Composite wood can be easily cleaned by just spraying it down with the hose or wiping it down with a wet sponge. It doesn't absorb stains, so it is unlikely that you will have to do any serious cleaning over the years. If you want a no-nonsense product that you never need to paint or stain, check out composite products.