Best Approach To Choosing Glassware For Your Next Event

Are you planning an event that will involve serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages? If so, you may be planning to use glassware, like Simon Pearce glassware, rather than plastic or paper cups to serve your guests. Perhaps you are wondering what the official rules are regarding choosing glassware. After all, depending on the type of event you are planning, the glassware selection will play an important role. The following points will help you to understand your options and when glass selection matters most.

Type of Event

For formal events, you will likely want to ensure that you serve guests in the correct types of glasses. For example, champagne is often served at formal events, and the correct type of glass to serve champagne in is referred to as a flute. You would not want to make the mistake of choosing to serve champagne in wine glasses at a formal event. However, if your event is a casual gathering with friends, they might be less concerned with whether their glass is an actual champagne flute. Wine glasses have a wide opening and flutes are narrow with slender stems.

Type of Drinks Seved

Non-alcoholic drinks can be served in any type of glassware. Some of your guests at formal events who are non-drinkers might even want a ginger ale served in a champagne flute to toast when other guests toast. There are numerous designs of beer glassware. Select the type that best matches the theme of your event. For example, beer mugs might be appropriate for an informal fun event. Choose one type of beer glass to serve beer at formal events to keep things consistent. Opt for Pilsner glasses to serve lager at formal events. Always have shot glassware, highballs, and other appropriate glassware for serving liqour at formal events. Informal events allow you to have a little more flexibility with personal preferences.


One of the primary concerns individuals have when investing in glassware is the cost. Aim to select quality glassware for your events. Keep in mind that the glassware can be washed and reused for future events. If your budget is tight, aim to narrow your drinking selections rather than serving guests at a formal party their drinks in the wrong type of glasses.

A retailer that sells glassware is a good resource to use for more guidance on selecting the best glassware for your event. Some of the representatives for these businesses may also be able to offer you interesting facts about the glassware they sell such as the history behind the design of certain glasses or the companies that manufacture them. These are excellent details you can share with guests at your event who will likely assume you are a genius when it comes to glassware and serving drinks.