Decorative Garden Tips For Deterring Deer

With the spring season approaching, you might be preparing to start your garden planting for the year. If you're hesitant to plant a garden this year because of struggles with deer eating your plants last year, there are some things that you can do. You don't have to create an unsightly barrier to keep them from chowing down in your yard. Here are a few ideas that may deter them without taking away from the decorative element.

Consider Your Fence Carefully

Fences are one of the best deterrents for deer, mostly because they don't allow the deer to access the area at all. Unfortunately, the types of fences required to keep a deer out may be an eyesore to you.

Stockade fencing is one of the best options for deterring deer because they can't see the other side of the fence, so they aren't likely to jump it. Their natural self-preservation keeps them from jumping anything that they can't see through or around. Some decorative stockade fences can be both functional and attractive.

Create A Rock Border

Large garden rocks can serve as a deterrent as well. If you create a structure of large rocks that's about six feet or so wide, it will discourage deer from coming into your garden. That's wide enough that they can't jump over it, and the uneven terrain of the rocks will be difficult for them to try to walk over. That will keep them from coming into your garden. If you don't have the space to put this barrier around the garden itself, you can put it around your property line instead, keeping them out of your yard altogether.

Add Decorative Ornamental Deterrents

Movement, noise, and similar things will discourage deer from coming into your garden as well. They're naturally a little bit skittish about unfamiliar things, so if you set up a series of things that will move, make noise, or spray them with water, that can help to discourage them.

Look for decorative ornaments with moving components, particularly those with white flags or something similar. It will resemble other deer, so they will be less likely to come near your property. You can also add some sound-emitting items, including those with motion sensors. That way, if they come near the garden, noise can spook them away.

Also, an ornamental sprinkler is a great investment. Add a motion sensor to it so that the sprinkler activates and sprays the deer with water as they approach. But remember, don't use any single deterrent exclusively. Change it up so that they don't become adapted to it.

With so many ornamental and decorative garden options that will also discourage deer, you can protect your garden while also keeping it looking great. For more information on garden decor for sale, contact your local home and garden center.