Two Fantastic Ways To Jazz Up Your Kitchen With Granite

If you're tired of eating out every night but don't really have the motivation to go into your drab kitchen and cook meals for yourself, giving the room a makeover might help change your attitude. Walking into a beautiful kitchen can be just the boost that you need to get excited about preparing delicious dishes for you and your family to enjoy. Using granite in your kitchen can make a big difference in the way the area looks, adding a rustic yet elegant look that is both attractive and inviting. Here are two ways that you can use granite to brighten up your kitchen.

Granite Countertops Go The Distance

Vinyl and tile aren't exactly the most appealing materials to use for countertops. Both materials tend to date a room, making even a newer kitchen appear to be much older than it actually is. Aside from their appearance, vinyl and tile tend to have a shorter shelf life than other types of countertops. Vinyl can easily start to curl up and pull away from the surface of the counter, while tile often chips and is easy to scar and stain if you do a lot of cutting on it.

Granite trumps so many other materials because it is so durable. These counters are made out of a very rugged stone that can stand up to the rigors of excessive weight being placed on it and meal prep. If you have a sealant applied just over the granite countertops, it makes them virtually stain-resistant. The wine that would so easily leave a harsh stain on other countertop materials can be wiped away with ease when you use granite.

Use Granite For A Festive Backsplash

If you fry food in your kitchen, you have probably noticed that the grease tends to fly. Grease stains can really mar the appearance of a kitchen, and it can be nearly impossible to remove the blemish without a fresh coat of paint.

You can protect the wall behind your stove and make it look quite festive by installing a granite backsplash. The grease can be wiped away in a flash, and if you use a combination of colors, you'll be able to create a conversation piece that catches the eye the moment a person walks into the room.

A granite contractor can come out to your home with samples and deliver a brief consultation. Make the call and schedule your appointment so you can see what's possible for your kitchen when you use granite.

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