Are You Using The Winter Months To Plan Your Spring And Summer Landscaping?

Even though you more than likely won't do any actual planting during the winter months, that doesn't mean that you can't work on what you want for your spring and summer landscaping, right? Here are some ideas that might help you.

Make A Thorough Assessment - Consider the things in your yard that you feel were successful. For example, maybe you discovered that you loved working with the one rose bush in your backyard. If that's the case, consider having a rose garden as part of your 2019 landscape design. On the other hand, you might have found that the begonias you thought were going to flourish in your garden didn't do well at all because they didn't get enough sun. If that's the case, consider moving them to a more sunny part of the yard. Think of ways you can add some pizzaz to your landscape design. For example, consider buying pots of different sizes that can be placed in strategic areas of your yard. Later on, you can fill them with things like flowering plants and ferns.

Arrange For Masonry Repair Services - Besides the planting part of your backyard, consider other aspects of your yard that might need attention. For example, if you have a hardscape as part of your backyard design, how is the masonry part of the hardscape looking? Perhaps you had a mason build a retaining wall as part of the hardscape. Or, maybe you had a mason build a fireplace in the hardscape that is also used for entertaining. If the retaining wall or the fireplace have seen better days, it might be time for you to call a masonry repair service, such as A-1 Rooftop Chimney Sweep.

Regardless of what mason you use, he or she will have the skills to make any repairs that are necessary. For example, if there are chipped places in the fireplace, the mason will have both the training and right tools to repair those chips. If part of the flagstone floor is cracked or broken, the mason will know just what to do to make the masonry work look like it did when it was first installed in your backyard. Consider asking the mason to make an addition to the landscaping, too. For example, if you decided that a walkway to your back door might be nice, the mason can do that job for you easily.