Replacement Windows Basics

Window replacement is one thing that is often put off because if the glass isn't broken, why fix it? Damage isn't always obvious with windows, though, as the following can illustrate.

Benefits of New Windows

The most obvious reason to upgrade to new windows is appearance. Worn out or outdated frames, drab colors, and scratched or wavy glass all impact the appearance of your home — and not in a good way. New windows will simply look nicer from both the outside and inside of the home.

Comfort and energy costs are two other benefits of new replacement windows. Old drafty windows can make parts of your home simply uncomfortable areas during cold or windy weather. Older windows are rarely as efficient as newer windows and over time they can lose what efficiency they have, so the cost savings when it comes to your heating and cooling bill is an obvious benefit.

Signs It's Time to Replace

There are several signs that it is better to replace the windows now rather than later. The most obvious is that there is damage to the windows. Rotten wood frames or cracked vinyl frames aren't issues that can be repaired, so replacement is the only viable option. Damage to the glazing, such as cracked glass and insulated windows that are fogging up because the seal broke are other obvious signs that you shouldn't put off a new window replacement.

Less obvious signs are increased energy costs or the presence of drafts around the window. In fact, you may not notice these at first since energy bills tend to creep up slowly over time and drafts are only noticeable in windy or cold weather. You can sometimes spot that efficiency is becoming a problem if moisture damage affects window sills and the interior of window frames, as internal condensation on the frame is a sign of a poorly insulated window.

Replacement Window Options

The great news is that there are plenty of replacement window options available. For low maintenance and longevity, opt for vinyl or metal frames that never need to be sanded or painted. Choose neutral colors so that the frames will match your home now and in the future.

When it comes to efficiency, double or even triple-pane insulated windows are the best choice. You can also choose a glass coating, such as a low-E coating, that further increases summer efficiency by blocking sunlight without compromising visibility.

Contact a replacement window installation service for more assistance if it is time to replace your windows.