Adding a Sunroom Addition? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you want to connect better with the outdoors from the comfort of your own home, a sunroom addition may be ideal. Sunrooms, also often referred to as conservatories or solariums, are transitional spaces for the indoors and outdoors. There are many kinds of sunrooms to choose from, and finding the right fit for your home requires a little work on your part. There are three questions to ask yourself before committing to a sunroom addition.

What Works Well With Your Home?

The first thing to determine is what kind of sunroom addition will work well with the style of your home. Sunroom additions need to blend in with the rest of your house. You don't want your sunroom addition sticking out like a sore thumb. There are few ways to achieve these goals. For example, you can build an addition that uses similar materials to the rest of your home and that blends in seamlessly. Or you can go with a sunroom addition that complements the style of your home but uses different materials like glass and aluminum.

How Often Do You Want to Use the Addition?

Another thing you need to consider is whether you plan to use your sunroom addition year-round. Some sunroom additions are only meant to be used a couple of seasons out of the year. Four-season sunrooms are best for year-round use. If you intend on adding a sunroom to use throughout the year, you may need to add heating and cooling elements to keep it comfortable. The addition of a heater or ceiling fans can have a significant impact on your sunroom addition.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Another question you need to ask before committing to a sunroom installation is how much will it cost? The price of a sunroom addition depends on its size, construction, and the materials you choose. Sunroom additions can range anywhere from $8,000 to $80,000. Four-season sunroom additions tend to be closer to the high end of that range. If you are looking for affordability, pre-fabricated sunroom kits are an excellent option.

A sunroom addition can be an excellent add-on to your home, but there are few questions to ask yourself before jumping in. First, You will want to decide what type of sunroom addition will work best with the style of your home. Next, determining if you wish to use your sunroom year-round is also vital. Finally, budget is a key factor. Knowing how much you want to spend is essential.