Live In A Hurricane Area? 2 Ways To Protect Your Windows

If you live in an area that gets hurricanes, you need to protect your home. One thing to protect is windows as this is an easy way for wind and debris to get through into your home. Below are some two types of protection you can use so you, your family, and your home can stay safe during this storm. 

Install Hurricane Screens 

Hurricane screens work much like aluminum roll-down shutters. The screens, however, do not block sunlight from getting through them. These screens can also provide shade for you to protect your home and anyone sitting near the windows from harmful sun's rays. They do this with a PVC coating over them.

These screens are made from a strong and durable geotextile fabric that is able to withstand strong forces of wind or debris that hits the screen. The screens are lightweight and easy to install and then take down once the storm has passed. Once you take them down put them into storage but make sure they are easily accessed if you get a lot of storms. 

There are more expensive hurricane window screens that are installed permanently. These roll down by touching a button and then roll back up in the same way. Some of these screens let you use your smartphone to open and close them. 

Install Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are placed over windows to protect your home. You can also install hurricane shutters over doors that have glass windows, as well as a porch that has glass windows. The shutters are made to be impact resistant. This means the shutters will block debris and anything flying into the window and prevent damage to your home. 

Even though all hurricane shutters protect your home in the same way there are different types available. One type is accordion hurricane shutters which are attached to tracks and roll and close open. The tracks are at the top and the bottom of the window opening. These hurricane shutters are easy to install and some also add security to your home because the shutters can be locked when they are closed. You do not have to worry about storing these shutters as they stay on your windows all the time. 

There are also hurricane shutters that automatically roll down over the window. The shutter is stored in a box that is above your window, so they are not seen when they are open. These shutters are made of polycarbonate or metal. You can purchase ones that you have to manually close or some you can control by a remote. You can also use these shutters to provide you with privacy when you are not having a hurricane. Close them at night to keep your home more secure from intruders. 

Talk with a company that sells hurricane window screens and shutters and they can tell you of more types that are available.