7 Reasons To Install Custom Planters

A custom planter installation project is a great addition to nearly any home. People have lots of reasons for choosing customized solutions over off-the-shelf ones. If you're weighing the benefits of a custom option, here are a few reasons to do it.

Aesthetic Match

Creating a custom planter will allow you to better match the materials to the surroundings. If you have a wooden deck, for example, you'll probably want a planter installation that matches it. You could use a material that's a near complement for the tone of the deck, for example. Other outdoor spaces like patios and gazebos will also benefit from customized planters that make more visual sense with the surroundings.

Maximizing Space Usage

Many store-bought planters aren't perfect fits for specific spaces. If you have an especially small balcony attached to an apartment, for example, you may have a hard time finding a planter that fits well. Smaller options often leave too much slack to the sides or just don't provide enough growing area. Making a larger one work may require cutting the planter down, and you might as well go for a custom planter installation at that point.


Some plants have very specific needs, especially in terms of aeration, drainage, and root depth. A custom planter installation allows you to create a highly functional environment. This can significantly improve plant health. Likewise, if you're planting for food, it can improve yields.

Property Value

Adding a planter installation here and there on a property can increase its visual appeal. Planters add greenery to locations, and that can boost the perception of the property's aesthetic value. Also, many buyers like knowing there are planters in place.


Customizing a planter generally makes it easier for you to maintain your greenery. You will be able to handle watering needs better. Similarly, you won't need to treat more soil than necessary for your purposes.


Many people use planters for environmentally sustainable gardening. They may keep compost heaps or tumblers and then move the new soil to the planter. You can customize your planters to make use of however much compost you can generate in a year. This will reduce waste and maximize output.


Finding durable planters in the store isn't always easy. If you're unhappy with the durability of the previous planters you've had, a custom solution might be right for you.

For more information about custom planter installation, contact a local company.