5 Benefits Of Insulated Patio Covers

A patio cover provides shade and weather protection so you can enjoy your yard no matter the weather. An insulated cover performs even better than standard patio covers, as the following benefits illustrate.

1. Temperature Modulation

An uninsulated patio cover will get quite hot on a warm day, and that heat will radiate down and onto the patio. The opposite is a problem in cooler weather, with any heat on the patio quickly rising and escaping through the thin cover. An insulated cover protects against temperature fluctuations in both situations, thus modulating the temperature on the patio so it is more comfortable. 

2. Energy Savings

For patios that are attached to the home, an insulated cover can help with energy savings. Any patio cover can block the sun from hitting the home's wall, thus preventing the house from overheating in summer. The addition of an insulated cover will also help prevent hot air from getting trapped underneath the patio cover and against the house. Not only will the patio be cooler, but the rooms in your home that share a wall with the patio will also be cooler.

3. Furniture Protection

Outdoor furniture, grills, garden tools, and other common patio items are not immune to weathering. Although any patio cover can help protect against rain and UV sunlight damage, heat buildup under the cover can still cause items to weather and age prematurely. The temperature-modulating ability of an insulated cover will protect your furniture and other items from heat-related damages such as cracking and dry rot. 

4. Accessory Options

Insulated covers consist of a top and bottom layer, often built as a hollow box that then has a layer of insulation installed inside. The box style of construction has a hidden benefit — wiring and other components can be installed inside. This means you can easily install lighting or ceiling fans without any exposed wiring. You can even have water tubes installed, such as to feed a perimeter misting system around the patio cover.

5. Safer Accessibility

Sometimes it is necessary to get on top of a patio cover, whether it is to make a minor repair or to simply clear it of debris or moss growth. Flimsy uninsulated covers typically can't support much weight, which makes maintenance more challenging. Insulated covers are more durable, mimicking a traditional roof in construction style so they can support more weight. This safer accessibility means it's easier to maintain your own patio cover.

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