5 Benefits Of A Wood Stove Insert

If you depend fully or partially on wood to heat your home, skip the fireplace, and use a wood stove instead. Wood stove inserts can be placed in an old fireplace to provide an easy upgrade. 1. Efficient Burning A standard wood-burning fireplace isn't very efficient. Wood-burning stove inserts, on the other hand, are designed for higher efficiency. The stove pipe prevents backdrafts from coming down the flue. The firebox of a stove absorbs heat and reflects it back into the room rather than allowing it to be lost up the chimney. Read More 

Important Characteristics For A Child’s Desk

When your child begins to attend school, one of the changes that you may want to make to their bedroom is the addition of a desk. While a child can do some schoolwork at the kitchen table, having a regular, quiet place to do homework, work on projects, and study will be important — especially as the child gets older. A local furniture store carries a variety of children's desks, so you can browse the options to find one that will work best for your child. Read More 

Adding a Sunroom Addition? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you want to connect better with the outdoors from the comfort of your own home, a sunroom addition may be ideal. Sunrooms, also often referred to as conservatories or solariums, are transitional spaces for the indoors and outdoors. There are many kinds of sunrooms to choose from, and finding the right fit for your home requires a little work on your part. There are three questions to ask yourself before committing to a sunroom addition. Read More 

Replacement Windows Basics

Window replacement is one thing that is often put off because if the glass isn't broken, why fix it? Damage isn't always obvious with windows, though, as the following can illustrate. Benefits of New Windows The most obvious reason to upgrade to new windows is appearance. Worn out or outdated frames, drab colors, and scratched or wavy glass all impact the appearance of your home — and not in a good way. Read More