4 Tips To Get More From Landscape Lighting Designs Where You Need It

When you are planning outdoor living space for your home, one of the features that you do not want to overlook is the lighting. The problem is that conventional landscape lighting designs often create shadows and do not provide the light you need for outdoor areas. The following outdoor lighting design ideas will help you solve these problems with a better landscape lighting design:

1. Add Privacy Fencing and Panels or Screens with Integrated Lighting 

Privacy fencing is a great feature that can be used to provide lighting to outdoor living spaces. The posts of fencing and privacy panels can be capped with lights to provide light for your outdoor living areas. Also, you may want to consider using spotlights or light strips on these fencing areas to provide more lighting in the outdoor spaces around your home.

2. Adding More Spotlights to Areas with Outdoor Living Space 

Landscaping spotlights are a common feature on the exterior of homes to highlight architectural features and give your home an attractive glow at night. In the areas where you have outdoor living space, consider using more landscaping spotlights to provide more indirect lighting for these areas.

3. Using Old Chandeliers and Industrial Light Fixtures 

Old chandeliers made with durable metal materials or refinished with an exterior enamel are a great solution for outdoor spaces. Use these materials and have them rewired with outdoor wiring, conduit, and lighting to provide your outdoor living space with the lighting that it needs. Industrial lamps can be a great solution for these types of lighting design for your outdoor living space.

4. Highlighting Outdoor Paths, Stairs,  and Obstacles with LED Lighting

In outdoor landscaping and living space designs, there are a lot of obstacles that can become hazards once the sun goes down. Therefore, you want to make sure that features like paths, stairs, and railings are visible at night. LED lighting technology can be used to provide the lighting you need in these areas. The easiest solution is to use solar landscape path lighting, but you may also want to consider integrating features like LED light strips into the design for your outdoor lighting.

These ideas will help you solve the lighting problems with outdoor living space designs. If you are ready to give your outdoor spaces better lighting, contact an outdoor lighting service like LV Pro Lighting and talk to them about some of these ideas.