Four Ways To Keep Your Backyard Fountain Clean

Statue water fountains can add endless beauty to your backyard landscape... as long as it stays clean! A green, algae-laden fountain won't win you any friends, and once the fountain gets to this point, cleaning it up can be a real burden. So, instead of waiting for grime to accumulate, follow these tips to keep your fountain clean: Trim any trees overhead. Ideally, you would place your fountain in a spot where there are no trees shading it so you don't have to worry about leaves tumbling down and into the fountain. Read More 

The Perks Of Composite Decking

Adding a patio to your home can make your exterior much more enjoyable, while also adding value to your property. Most people, when adding a deck or patio to their home don't want to install a product that will need a ton of maintenance and upkeep over the years. This is why so many people are now installing composite decks instead of real wood decks. This article explains the perks of composite decking: Read More 

Four Modern Ideas For A Bedroom Makeover

You don't have to completely remodel your bedroom to give it a brand new look. With the right contemporary furniture, you can create a stunning modern look in your bedroom. Here are just a few options to consider as you look for new furnishings. Platform Beds Platform beds sit a bit lower to the ground than many traditional models, and they offer a sleek, modern appearance. Because they don't typically require box springs, they allow your mattress to blend in with the frame of the bed for a seamless look. Read More 

Bubble, Bubble: 3 Luxury Bathtime Essentials

Some days, all you want to do once you get home is to sit down and relax — but a long day can often make you feel a little grimy, so into the shower you go. Though most Americans take showers rather than baths (due to time efficiency), it can be really nice to relax at the end of a long day and get clean at the same time, and baths are the way to do this. Read More 

Need A New Office Desk? 3 Things To Consider

It is important to be organized and productive at work. However, without a quality work desk, this can be hard to do. So, here are three things to keep in mind as you search for a new office desk: 1. How Will You Use Your Desk? One of the first things that you need to consider how you are going to be using your desk. This will help you decide the shape of desk that you need to buy and how large of a desk that you need. Read More