The Keys To Successfully Adding Garden Stepping Stones

Do you want to install a stepping-stone path in your yard? It looks easy and is a simple procedure, for the most part. But despite pictures showing things like those kids-mosaic-craft stepping stones in a garden -- implying that all you really have to do is set the stone down on the grass -- there is a process involved in adding these stones. Start by going to a home and garden stone supply company and looking for uniform stones that are relatively thick (a couple of inches or so). Read More 

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Wooden Bird House

One of the small items to add to your front or back yard is a bird house. This is a structure that is specifically created to attract birds. You can put bird seed in the small space to help you obtain more birds, and this can be a fun activity to watch. If you're in the market to purchase a wooden bird house, there are specific things you should consider. Knowing what these are may be helpful to you. Read More 

Common Issues Your Porch Swing May Experience And How to Address Them

Spending a beautiful afternoon on a porch swing can be an excellent way to enjoy your property. However, a porch swing will be subjected to rather extreme weather conditions, and you will need to appreciate the steps for minimizing the problems that a porch swing can be prone to experiencing. Staining Stains can be an issue common for wood porch swings. Often, these stains will be a product of algae or mildew growing on the wood. Read More 

3 Tips For Pest Control In New Construction Homes

Pests can be a major problem in any home. Termites, rodents, and other insects can damage walls and affect the structural integrity of a home. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that this is a problem that is mainly found in older homes. However, pests can wreak havoc in new construction homes as well. Pest control services should be used from day one in order to prevent major issues down the road. Here are three tips for pest control in new construction homes. Read More 

Home Warranty Coverage: An Introduction For Curious Homeowners

Your home is one of the biggest assets you have, and along with that investment, you probably have quite a hefty amount of money invested in the belongings inside. It is no big secret that carrying homeowner's insurance is one of the smartest decisions you can make. However, homeowner's insurance alone sometimes falls short when you really need the added protection for your home and the things in it. If you are a new homeowner, you are bound to be curious about how a home warranty can help ensure when this happens, you are not left in a tough spot. Read More